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Sing A Celebration Gift

Personalised Video Sung Live

Your pictures and treasured memories brought to life in a song a new and innovative gift to surprise your family, friends and loved ones. A unique personalised video presented by Colin Roy makes the  perfect present for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and many other occasions. Your choice of song will be sung live by professional singer Colin Roy set against the backdrop of your recipients pictures, video clips and special messages for them. Relive treasured memories,  preserve your family history and friendships, we create a heartwarming compilation that can be easily shared and enjoyed  by generations to come. Available for all devices using the latest technology we produce a high quality professional video that will make your exclusively tailored gift the best ever.

More Than Words Can Say

That Moment Of A Lifetime

Make great use of all those once in a lifetime pictures and videos that are left hidden away and we will turn them into a unique gift. Simply let us know the occasion and song choice, send in your pictures and video messages for the recipient. Perfect gift for family and friends for Birthdays, Proposals, Christenings, Anniversaries, Work Promotions, Graduations, Retirement and virtually any occasion. Colin Roy also provide very special and sensitive personalised celebration of life memorial and tribute videos.

Sing A Celebration Gift

Capture the magic of your wedding day and special song with a personalised video to send to family and friends at home and abroad. Send birthday wishes and congratulations to watch on TV’s, phones, or tablets Relive the excitement of your engagement and send it to all those who missed that special moment

Information For Sing A Celebration
What Is Singer Celebration

A personalised video presented by Colin Roy who will sing your chosen song set to the backdrop of your pictures, videos and dedications.

How long is a Sing A Celebration video

Your Sing A Celebration video will run for the length of your chosen song, usually up to four minutes

How long is a Zoom Event

The Zoom party or show can last up to an hour or more if needed. Options are:

  • Colin Roy sings for 30 minutes, DJ can play before/after to extend party/show time
  • Colin Roy sings for 45 minutes, DJ can play before/after or in between performance to extend party/show time
  • Colin Roy sings for 1 hour, DJ can play before/after or in between performance to extend party/show timeHow long
What's needed
  • Advise the type of dedication i.e birthday, anniversary, engagement etc.
  • Provide us up to 30 good quality pictures; what’s used will depend on the length of the chosen song
  • Send in any short video clips and short dedications filmed in good light
  • Pictures, video clips and dedications taken on most mobile phones are acceptable 
  • Hard copy pictures can be used
What is the turn around time
  • The product will be completed within 14 days from receipt of all the media you would like included i.e. all pictures etc must be received before the work is started
How will I receive the finished product
  • Your Sing A Celebration video will be sent to you online with options making it easy for you to distribute as needed; Singing Picture Cards are sent via first class post.

Your singer Colin Roy was dazzling, seriously world class, he left me speechless a few times!Viv


If I do win the lottery I'm getting Colin along to sing. Still didn't expect him to be that fantastic despite what you said about him beforehand! And what a lovely guy too…..John

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